Nothing Finer in the Land...

Founded in 1905 as a twenty-member cadet band, the University of Georgia Redcoat Band numbers over 430 members and is among America’s elite collegiate marching bands. The Redcoats perform at all home football games, select road games (including the annual Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville), bowl and post-season games, and at other university and community events.

The purposes of the Redcoat Band are:
• To provide to its students experiences that are as rewarding and enriching as possible
• To connect the institution with members and prospective members of its community
• To preserve the university’s most valued traditions
• To contribute to and elevate the institutional culture
• To demonstrate, in all its pursuits, the University of Georgia’s core value of excellence
• To publicly represent the university with dignity, vigor, and creativity.

If you are interested in being a Redcoat, please see our page for prospective members.

Redcoat Band Directors

Dr. Brett Bawcum

Dr. Brett Bawcum is acting director of athletic bands. He directs the Redcoat Marching Band and Basketball Band, guides and administers other athletic bands, guest-conducts concert bands, and teaches courses in other areas including Songwriting and Marching Band Techniques. View his complete bio.

Rob Akridge

Rob Akridge is associate director of athletic bands and assistant director of bands. He assists with all aspects of the Redcoat Marching Band including operations, drill design, and instruction. View his complete bio.