It is NOT necessary to be a Music major to be a Redcoat! Over 80% of Redcoats major in a field other than Music. Because of the rigorous School of Music admission process, we accept its audition results for Redcoat Band membership on marching band wind instruments. We evaluate non-Music majors/minors through a process that accommodates their breadth of interests while assessing their likelihood to contribute to band performance.

Music Majors or Minors

Undergraduates who are accepted as Music majors or minors in the Hodgson School of Music on a marching band wind instrument are automatically accepted to Redcoats. Those students should complete the Redcoat Band application before May 1 in order to be guaranteed a position that fall. 

Students accepted to the School of Music on other instruments (see sidebar) should contact Dr. Bawcum before April 1 (or as soon as possible thereafter) to make arrangements for evaluation and placement.

To audition for the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, please click here for school admission requirements and audition information.

Non-Music Majors or Minors

Important: View detailed 2021 Membership Information for non-Music major/minors (Brass and Woodwinds - updated March 31, 2021).

Brass and woodwind players who want to be considered for membership should:

  1. Review the 2021 Membership Information document, which includes audition requirements, procedures, and frequently asked questions.
  2. Prepare their audition video.
  3. Apply for Redcoat Band membership. The application will include an opportunity to upload your video audition
  4. Ask your director or other music teacher to complete the recommendation form we email them.