Redcoat Band membership is open to any UGA student (Athens campus) following a successful audition--regardless of major, minor, or year in school! First-year students should not wait for their official UGA acceptance before applying.

Here are the steps:

  1. Apply for UGA admissionYou don't need to have been accepted yet, but you must apply for UGA admission before going any further.
  2. Complete the Redcoat Band application. To do this, you will need your UGA ID (the 9-digit number starting with 81, which you receive when you apply to UGA). You will also need the name and email address for a reference.
  3. Complete your audition or audition submission. This process differs depending on the section you hope to join. Specific audition requirements are below.

The application/audition process begins in the winter and early spring--before the UGA admissions process is complete. We encourage you to review the requirements linked below and begin the application/audition process immediately, regardless of whether you have received your official UGA acceptance.

Audition Procedures by Section